About BlipMedia

We are a unique company specializing in mobile, social, interactive tv, and online media. In a marketplace that demands constant communication and innovation, BlippMedia keeps your company ahead of the competition.

The business of now.

We work with you by designing a plan around your company's vision and then leveraging advances in web2.0, social, mobile, and interactive media to create customized, measurable solutions. Benefits include:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Reaching new markets
  • Building community
  • Staying connected
  • Increasing accuracy of data
  • Optimizing user experience
  • Lowering time-on-task
  • Increasing traffic & conversions

The business of health care.

BlippMedia specializes in customizing social media and web technology to meet the needs of health care providers. Services include:

  • Building physician awareness online and offline
  • Enabling online health care training
  • Providing mobile supply chain for medical devices
  • Designing HIPAA compliant digital record workflow

The business of collaboration.

We consider our clients our partners, continually iterating solutions while at the same time allowing the flexibility for discovery and development. We welcome this conitinual change and new competitive advantages and greater success that it often uncovers. Discover how you can benefit—let's share ideas.

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