Mobile Loyalty Platform

Think of it as a loyalty card that can track user location, send updates, and allow users to buy now. Not to mention, save operational costs while increasing sales.

Custom Core Application

Up and running in no time. Use our existing features and mobile messaging platform customized for your brand.

  • Location services can be used for tracking users, as well as a service/location finder feature.

  • Using push notification you can alert users of specials. Especially benficial for last minute inventory that would otherwise go to waste.

  • Users can view account data, points accumulated and “points needed” for the next service benefit. Users can easily keep their profile, contact info current.

  • Features to share information, services and specials, increases awareness and attendance.


Mobile for Everyone

Smart phone, iPhone, Android, Windows, and mobile web. Your service will benefit from the widest connected audience.

Location Services

Users can get directions from their specific location via car, mass transit, or on foot. Use their location to personalize the offers and messages. Our reports feature location-based data that will increase consumer knowledge.

Coupon Scanning

Coupons increase awareness and foot traffic. Using our coupon for mobile features you can increase the convenience, the distribution, and the conversion.

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